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Breathe for Life Team Cycle Challenge

Moving for something that matters. Breathing life across the British Isles

Welcome to the

 Breathe for Life 

Team Cycle Challenge

Come and be part of the 2020 Breathe for Life Team Cycle Challenge  ride across the British Isles. Help breath life into

The Ruth Strauss Foundation and ALK-positive UK Lung Cancer - two charities supporting research and action to prevent and treat  rare lung cancers and to provide wellbeing support to families affected by these diseases. 

We are riding to shine a spotlight on the rising tide of air pollution as a known but under-appreciated risk factor, supporting the Clean Air Campaign

If you want an opportunity to move for something that matters –whether that’s clean air, your health, or in memory or support of a loved one.... Register your interest.  



Susie and Wayne Eastwood




Be a Breathe4Life Champion and play your part in helping Britain to breathe more easily.


Hope to see you soon.


Thank you so much!

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