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The Breathe for Life Challenge. A Movement for Something that Matters 


Last year we lost our dear friend Ruth Strauss to a little known type of lung cancer, ALK-positive lung cancer. She was 46 and had never-smoked. It turns out 13000 people in the UK are diagnosed with some form of non-smoking lung cancer every year and that this absolute number is rising. Moreover 2/3 of people diagnosed are women and lung cancer in non-smokers is the 8th biggest cancer killer. Air pollution is a known risk factor for lung cancer and this problem is worsening in many cities and towns.  


To try and change this, we created Breathe for Life; a community cycle relay across the British Isles to raise awareness of rising numbers of women and men with non-smoking lung cancers and of air pollution as an under recognised risk factor. Breathe for Life is a community endeavour and we aim to engage patients, local cycle clubs, interested individuals, doctors and nurses and scientific experts in as many counties as possible to join in and help us raise awareness. We will be carrying portable air pollution monitors and reporting on local air pollution as we cycle through your county. As a team we will be seeking donations from corporates and the general public to support the work of our chosen charities. Donations made will be split between ALK-positive UK Lung Cancer, the Ruth Strauss Foundation and the Friends of the Earth Campaign for Clean Air through our just giving page.     


Who Are We?


Breathe for Life Team Cycle Challenge has been set up as a small 100% volunteer-led enterprise,  Breathe for Life Ltd (Company Number 12151521). This  campaign we have named "Clearing the Air for Rare Lung Cancers"....raising awareness of the rising tide of rare lung cancers in non-smokers and of rising air pollution in cities and towns as a recognised risk factor.  


Breathe for Life Ltd aims to raise awareness and funds to reduce the burden of incurable and preventable diseases on society. It focuses on environmental, social and cultural risks and remedies and and on care and wellbeing of patients and their families. Breathe for Life will work with charities to encourage public participation in challenge events and citizen science projects,uniting families, friends and communities. 100% of all donations are made to nominated charities, combining environment, health and social sectors as appropriate.  

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